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I bought one of these off of a few weeks ago. Pretty good keyboard. It has special lightings when you play StarcraftII. I don't notice the APM colors so much, but the "You are Under attack" and "Your Ally is Under attack" warnings are great.

The real cool thing is you can change the color of the LED backlight to almost any color. The keycaps, the backligt, and the accent light can all be customized and different from one another.


@elsupreme: The APM default setting for the color changing is set fairly high. If you're not a super awesome SC2 speed demon, you'll need to go into the settings for the marauder and tune them down to your play speed/style.

The keyboard is pretty awesome for SC2 and it's smaller than your standard keyboard as the arrow keys are integrated into the number pad, great if you have a small desk.


I can't get over the fact there is no arrows :( That's a deal breaker for me.


@xfalconkx: There are arrows, but its integrated with the numpad. As in you eitehr have numpad functionality or arrows/del/ins/end buttons. I never find myself using both at thes ame time and thus can live with it. But yea, there definately are arrows, just not in the conventional sense, and which do take time to get used to but do work in the end


@ksridhar89: That's true. I've just never got myself to a point where I was comfortable with them. Maybe I need to suck it up.