dealsadata dash drive ch11 ach11-1tu3-cbk 1tb external…


Perfect timing, I needed to get one and have been shopping around for 2 months. For $60 and good Amazon reviews I went for this thanks for posting


Warning: That's $59.99 after the $20 MIR. $79.99 up front.

A lot of us are cautious about MIRs.


I've been building computers and sending back rebates for over 10 years now. To be honest, there have only been a handful that I have been denied on and of those they were mainly because I did something wrong for the rebate and even fewer that I did not hear anything back on. I've received them back from Staples, Kingston, EVGA, ASUS, MSI, Corsair, you name it, including ADATA. Worse is probably HP but that's in the corporate world for the work PCs I have purchased for work, I have never recieved one from HP so I stopped sending them back.


@yohams: I've been denied on a couple for spurious reasons, but I've always gotten mine from TigerDirect.


I went to the manufacturer's site and the biggest part of the sales pitch for this device is the "exclusive" write-on stickers. Yep, stickers. The only technical detail their "specifications" page gives you is that it's USB3. Other "specs" include colors and capacities available and the dimensions of the case. I'm just a tad more interested in what's inside that case and whether or not I can get it out and save my data when (not if) the USB connector fails. New Egg and Tiger list it as a 2.5" drive, so (assuming they had a peek at real specifications) at least it complies with an industry standard - but is that drive welded to the USB interface or can it be liberated? FYI, New Egg also lists an RPM speed so it's not solid state. (Now, THAT'd be a deal!) Any techies out there know anything about this manufacturer or have more specific info about this drive?