dealsfirefly: the complete series on dvd for $9.99


+1 but shouldn't everyone have a copy of Firefly/Serenity by now?

See what I did there?


This is proof that Cyber Monday deals definitely aren't as good as Black Friday this year. Picked this up from Amazon for $7.99 a few days ago.


Cool. I'll buy this and Chuck Season 5 (why the hell is 4 so expensive?).

Now just need something for 5 bucks.

And what I bought was duct tape. lol


Just look at the reviews on this series. How could it have POSSIBLY been cancelled.. Fox is a monster.


On a side note, did any of you watch last night's episode of Homeland??


It's $16.49 now. You might as well get the Blu-ray version for $23. The battles look great in Blu-ray. Also, Serenity is $6 on DVD, but $10 on Blu-ray.


Wit for a better price... I saw the BR deal here for 12.99 a week ago. Save your money and buy 3 later. Give the other two as gifts.