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I got my mom a refurb Kindle Fire. It had some kind of problem where the top half of the screen was unreliable (varying brightness, wouldn't turn on sometimes). They replaced it hassle-free (other than the couple of days of waiting), and now my mom has a (as far as I can tell) new Kindle Fire. Seems like a win win.


@blevata: You must not have had too many electronic gadgets.


I second the waiting, it will likely go down for Father's Day (June 17th).
Picked one up for my wife for Mother's Day, let's hope she takes the hint.


For all the advertising that Amazon does, I still don't think they do this thing justice. I have a refurb and it's the best electronic gadget I've ever owned! Couldn't tell that it had ever been touched. Reading comics on this is a dream (Locke and Key looks amazing on my Kindle)!!


My refurbished Fire has been awesome! When I got it, it looked brand new and has worked great. The only thing I really have to say is why not wait until it comes down to $139 again? While $179 is a good deal, I am pretty sure that within a month, a max of two, it will be for sale at $139 again.


I got a refurb the last time they offered the deal ($139) and I can't tell it isn't new. Works great, no issues at all, and it still has a 1 year warranty. Great device and with the right apps a very productive tablet.


I picked one up a few weeks back when they had them for $149 as a gift for Mother's Day. Best gift i could have gotten her, she has read about 10 books now. Pretty cool easy to use device, no issues whatsoever. Refurbished yet looks and feels brand new.


@voovfeegbean: Apparently Woot really doesn't want you linked to the Warehouse Deals.
Here is the main WD page, it's #1 on there right now:


Apologies, I just noticed that after you mentioned it. My bad. I can't edit the title here it is


Thanks for the heads up @gadgetgirl88.


You should put that it's a refurb in the title or description.