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So, I'm thinking TSA will totally leave my blue-eyed Germanic self alone if I wear this, right?


If I ask my girlfriend to wear this, we she greet me as a liberator when I drop some shock and awe on her high value targets?


I'm gonna grab one for the wifey, and then play a round of "Angry Sheik and the Naughty, Naughty Harem Girl"


@lavikinga: They won't leave you alone no matter what you're wearing.


Abayas and burqas are not the same thing. Please don't promote Islamophobia.


@benderelle: This isn't a commentary on Islam.


Mom? No really I can't tell...


The jokes have nothing to do with Islam.
Get over your political correct self.
It is a goofy garment IN MY OPINION...
Luckily I live in a place where I am entitled to share that opinion.

Besides, this garment is NOT legal to wear in many places. It's too racy.

Tell me I'm wrong and I'll post the list of countries where this garment would result in the wearer getting her ass kicked.


It's actually rather pretty.


If you are a woman who likes being felt up in public, wear this to the airport and buy a one way ticket to National Airport.


It comes in XX-large,'s a long sleeve Mumu? Where is the crazy flower design?


@goldiemcg: and yes, I'm just joking around, I don't need anyone getting mad about my comments, have a nice day :)


Hey, I happen to hate all the lingerie stuff posted here all the time--but this here is a hoot! (Oh, and for the record, hate 'em or not, as someone above already's a free country.)


I just love how the keywords for this as you're scrolling down the main page in succession are "womens, hot, burqa, action."


They had me at "Beautiful Arabian Princess" and lost me at "Abaya: Clothing".