dealsdiehard 250a booster cable with pure copper…


Just tried to buy this at What a horrible experience. It showed the price above in my cart, but when I tried to check out it changed it to nearly $30!!!

Worse, when I contacted support about it, they told me the sale had ended. The item was still showing up as $13.49 in my cart, but they were trying to charge me $30 at checkout! Talk about your bait and switch. Should be something illegal about what they are doing, but their 'support' (using that term loosely) said that some times sales end and they have price inconsistencies with cart items and at prices of items at checkout.

IMHO they should have honored their cart price, but they didn't seem to care about what they had nearly done to me, as a customer, or that it was an ongoing problem. Bad site, bad support, and possibly illegal price switching. It's no wonder sears is struggling.