dealsdomino's pizza 50% all pizzas - online only


Nice! I have a half a large Papa John's supreme pizza in my fridge leftover from a guest's largesse while we were board gaming last night, and I am still tempted to order at this price. I love their hand tossed pizza. I guess I could freeze the Papa John's leftovers. I just kept them so I could have them for lunch during the week.


Dang you Dominos!! I can't pass up a deal like this. I think it runs all week. They did it a few weeks ago, and we ordered 5 mediums. It was a great opportunity to try some new specialty kinds too. We had leftovers for a couple days, and it was still cheap.
LOVE their pizza!


Ordered a pizza tonight, picked it up, ate two slices, thought it was kinda meh, returned later for a cold slice and found out the pizza was really under cooked... I can't believe i did not notice when I ate the first slice lol...



@darkinc: send that to customer service for some free pizza!


@nmchapma: yea that's the only reason I had pictures because I did just that.