dealsseagate desktop hdd.15 st4000dm000 4tb 64mb cacheā€¦


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5400RPM drive, the 4TB Western Digital Caviar black is faster. A 2 year warranty is a bit short but then again it is a lower level consumer drive (not their top consumer product)


4 TB is a lot of data to lose when this thing punks out. A two-year warranty is actually not bad compared to jumbo external drives on sale with one-year warranties. Internal drives tend to last longer. Maybe it would be better just to bite the bullet and put a couple of these in a raid enclosure. Oh well, what to do, what to do.


You should always have a backup no matter the warranty, since warranty doesn't cover data loss. Buy 2 4TB drives and synchronize them from time to time. Or two 3TB drives for a cheaper route maybe


@danwat1234: You could also just raid 1 them. It doesn't protect the data from user error, lightning strikes or viruses, but it works perfectly against a single drive failure which is the most common thing for a consumer to worry about.