dealswestinghouse 46" lcd 1080p 120hz hdtv for $399.99…


Does anyone know how long this offer is valid for?


Fifty dollars cheaper?

Seems the refresh rate changes depending on the seller !?!
So which is it????????

---Westinghouse CW46T9FW 46" 1080p 60Hz Class LCD HDTV --- $348.00 ---
--- Westinghouse 46" LCD CW46T9FW 1080p 120Hz HDTV ---
listed here

There's a BIG difference between a 60hz and 120hz refresh rate. One (the 60) gives you ghosts (blurs) when viewing fast-paced action (football, basketball, etc.) and the other (120hz) not so much.

So which is which ?!?!?


@lazarus2: - What do you mean, "So which is which?" They're all different models, as described.


I can't downvote this for being a bad deal, because it's not. I would just advise anyone to be very careful when buying a Westinghouse TV. I had one and as soon as the warranty ran out, so did the TV. I probably had a working TV for 13 months. I will never buy a Westinghouse TV again. I can understand why someone would buy this at this price, but you have been warned!


And I would tell most people, "if something is going to go wrong with your flatscreen, it will in fact be within a year."


@semajnamssiw: yeah right up until you pay the 119.00 shipping charge.


I bought a 23 inch Westinghouse monitor around 7 years ago, used it for four until I upgraded to a 27 inch samsung. My friend still uses the westy everyday. Also bought the 50 inch from target for 350. Both are working great (though I did get the 2 year extended warranty on the TV). I may have been lucky, but I've not had any problems with Westinghouse. I have been seeing deals for Samsung and Panasonic plasmas recently. If I hadn't bought the Westinghouse I would get one of those.


I am in Westinghouse repair hell right now.

Got in on a great "deal". TV just up and died. Still under warranty, wasted LONG periods of time on the virtual phone call hell hotline of westinghouse, was given RMA, sent it in. 2 months later, AFTER many, many calls, they FINALLY ship me a replacement.

Was NOT the same model number, it HAD obviously been a return by the looks of the box, the way it was almost packed, the dirtiness of the TV, the fact that the previous owners "preset" channels were STILL programmed in the unit, and most importantly, the "half circles" of LED light glowing around the outer edges of the screen.

Went through phone hell again, 2 weeks ago, STILL waiting to find out if I am getting another replacement FOR this replacement !!

So, this is a good deal, if all you want is a disposable temporary TV.