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Good deal, I paid just a little more than this earlier in the year from Best Buy. Lifetime Traffic Update is nice but it only works if you live in a large urban area, surprisingly there are a lot of areas that don't have the free Naviteq service. Also, it will automatically serve up ads, no way to stop them. Go ahead and pony up for the lifetime ClearChannel traffic service, they're more prolific and useful IMO.


@easygoingal: yes it does. This is from CNET

Included Software NAVTEQ,
MapSource City Navigator North America NT,
nüMaps Lifetime subscription, <---------------
MapSource City Navigator Europe NT


@morriea: You are incorrect---there are NO lifetime maps with this model---and I got my info directly from Garmin. This model is the 1450T (the "T" standing for traffic). Garmin designates all their "Lifetime Maps" units as "LM" or "LMT" if they include the traffic feature.

As a 1450T, this unit does NOT have Lifetime Maps.


Life traffic is useless. Life map is better.


Here is the LMT model:

I have had a Garmin GPS (205W) for years and I have found it to be fantastic. I haven't had a map upgrade for the life of the unit and have been starting to run into roads that aren't on the map. I checked on and found the map upgrades cost $80, or roughly the price of the original unit. Since the maps are so expensive, I wouldn't get a GPS today unless it includes lifetime maps (LM models).