dealslodge logic 12-inch pre-seasoned skillet for $18…


Estimated shipping to MT = $11.74.

I already have the Woot! version, and had a $5 credit code for the shipping courtesy of Woot! staff. So the exclamation point cost me a couple bucks, no biggie 'cause I like to support Woot!

BTW the exclamation point WILL imprint on food if you cook on the bottom of the pan, e.g. pancakes, flatiron steak, etc.

Here's the same pan for $20 with FREE SHIPPING:


The downside of having a smooth, glasstop electric range is that cast iron is not recommended on it. It will scratch the glass top. Found out too late after we had already bought the stove. They are still great to bake in though. Good cornbread deserves to be baked in a cast iron skillet.