dealsnintendo ds lite stylus 4 pack for $0.45 + free…


Bought one so next time my kids bug me about losing these goofy little pens they r good to go. Don't know how they r making anything on this, the cost of a stamp alone is more than this.


will this work with the i-phone??


No, The Nintendo DS touch screen is different than the iPhone.These will work for the DS, but the iphone needs to have a human finger or the simulation of a human finger, so these won't work on the iphone.


Not a bad deal, but I already have hundreds of them from buying them in bulk on ebay a while back. And, I don't really lose mine, I just switch the colors once in a while when I get bored of it.


Does anybody know whether these work with other DS models, like the DSi XL?


@offensivebias: I would say no... From the description: "For Nintendo DS Lite ONLY, NOT compatible with Nintendo DS or Dsi."

I'm glad I read through the description... I almost grabbed it for my roommates DS.


@zethreal: Heh, I suppose I should have read. Thank you. Perhaps I'll pick them up, anyway, as a just in case option. Just over $0.11 each is damn cheap.


Just so you know, the stylus itself will work with the other systems, however it will not fit into the stylus slot on the systems.

I have a 3DS, and a DS Lite, and my mom uses my original DS. We all use the same type of stylus (the original DS stylus got lost, and I prefer these to the 3DS stylus). The only thing is, you cannot store it in the 3DS system or the original DS, it will only fit into the DS Lite.


ordered 2...I bet they'll work on my tablet. :)