dealsgiant grunting monkey toy for dogs - choose from…


And here we have doggy sex toys


Right before Trick or Treat?...I mean some kid is going to come to the door dressed as a monkey...and...and...oh, just No!


3 ft is sold out but got two 2ft for my girls. Thanks OP!
Love the video btw Woot peeps!


@brainofkjf: Seriously! I don't know how many folks bothered to watch the video, but that pup is too cute and oh-so-determined to drag that toy around to where he wants it. Looks as though the folks at ThatDailyDeal are allowed to bring their dogs to work. I found the same thing at Woot! HQ in Dallas when I went there a few weeks ago. Really nice!


Grunting is really the wrong word, it's not going ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh.