dealsduracell 30 aa + 10 aaa alkaline batteries - 40…


dealgenius will take your money but wont send you the product... it happened to me. Otherwise a great deal.


I've never had a problem with them not shipping. They use to be slow to ship but have a gotten better. Use PayPal if you're concerned.


i agree with them being slow~but they will arrive by xmas.


almostheaven - I have had no problems either. Have always received items ordered. If you do not receive your items contact them. No company these days wants to loose any business. As for todays Deal Genius dont miss out on the savings I received my batteries and it says Alkaline( Bulk) with the best if used by date on the box.Have used them and have had no problems.Remember the price is all you pay which includes shipping.Stock up for those days when we loose electricity .


always concerned how old these are


hopefully this vendor is better than midnightbox. half of the AAA battries that they sent were dead


I've bought these from dealgenius before. Work perfect and dates as stated on their site. Note these are loose packs so no packaging


"40 batteries may seem like a lot, but the expiration dates range from 2018 to 2019"


Add coupon code loyal5 to get another 5% off (makes it $13.25)


thanks for the xtra 5% coupon info..i have ordered a lot of tee shirts and home crap from them they are a little slow. But, they are very dependable!!


Batteries arrived today. Pretty fast free shipping if you ask me