dealslowes appliance mail in rebates up to 1000.00…


I wish the deal was on any purchase and not just appliances. I'm about to remodel my bathroom and will be getting a new vanity,faucets, toilet, medicine cabinet and light fixtures--and possibly a new shower stall--at Lowes. I don't need any appliances at the moment (knock wood) but Lowe's appliances are overpriced anyway. Which, I'd guess, is how they can offer these rebates.


Make sure before you buy any major purchases at Lowe's, you get a 10% off coupon. I have gotten a bunch of them and use them on every purchase I make at Lowe's. They come in the moving packet that's available at every local post office. People sell them on Ebay at all times. Definately worth getting a few.


@ahart61: Good tip, I've used those for a couple of years, picking up a new one every time I go to the Post Office.
Know also that the department heads WILL deal with you on discounts if you're spending a lot at one time(say, $750 and up). It's not impossible to get 20% off at Lowes or Home Depot just by asking. Oh, and DO have your cart(s) loaded before you ask. Thinking of having to put all that stuff up seems to make an impact. You don't have to pay retail, but you DO have to ask. And it's not a guarantee, you might have to walk away and go to another store.