deals50% off - gold beer kit - scratch n' dent


These kits are great for people just wanting to have the experience of brewing their own beer or wanting a basic understanding of how it works before moving on to partial or all grain. They are simple to follow and done in a short time. This is a great deal for the kit


I got into brewing when Woot first started offering Mr Beer products on their site a couple years back. You'll get some ok beer from these kits, but I've since evolved into all grain brewing. Much more control, much more flexibility, and much better results. But as expected, with much more money sank into it (equipment wise, ingredients are pretty cheap). Exactly as dtcbob said, these kits are a great buy to get someone familiar with the process cheaply.


If you have Prime (yes I know everyone doesn't and it isn't free) you can get a non-scratched and free 2 day shipping from amazon for $43.12. Cheapest shipping from Mr Beer for me was $7.95.


This is a lot of fun! I've enjoyed the Mr. Beer products, and may sometime upgrade to doing more of the process myself, but these are simple, easy to follow, and what you end up with is great.

I'd recommend Mr. Beer kits to anyone that's a beginner to the process (like I still am)


I started making beer with Mr. Beer a few years ago and quickly moved to two batches at a time when I found a second kit at a thrift store for just $5. (Lucky find) There are some great resources online for making really good beer in these. Just have to step beyond the Mr. Beer brand refill kits. I'm now on to kegging my homebrew and serving it up cold on tap, but I couldn't have done it without the Mr. Beer to start me off.


If you happen to be in Seattle there's a kitchen supply store, I believe it's called the City Kitchen going out of business. I think the last day is tomorrow, or the 27th. But they have the Mr Beer kit for 25 in store. Also everything else 50% if you need super nice stuff there's tons of the expensive stuff at 50% off left.


I've brewed beer twice with the Mr Beer and have been told by many that the beer was awesome. It's super easy to use too.


This is best for a one time, get-in-to-brewing, setup.

The ingredients are mostly over-processed sugars, and you really don't learn much as far as zymurgy is concerned.

I've been brewing for about 7 years, and have a full all-grain setup. Nothing like having control over every last aspect of the beer...well, having beer on tap at my house is always a plus too.


For not much more, you can get a small batch starter kit from Northern Brewer or similar that will make much better beer, and you will actually feel like you are really brewing beer, since you will perform all the steps, from mashing grains and adding hops all the way to bottling.

Full disclosure, I have never actually used a Mr. Beer product, however I am familiar with what they offer and I am an experienced all grain brewer.


@say592: The small batch starter kit is 1-gallon versus the 2.5 gallon of this Mr Beer kit. Additionally, it's $50 plus shipping and does not come with any bottles to bottle your final product. So though it's a superior kit, it's not even close enough to compare.


@mortar235: I know we're past the deal window, but I also wanted to add that if you spend $50 or more at you can also get free shipping. Also, Amazon charges (my area) tax. I spent less than $60 total and got this kit and a premium refill. Even with shipping $32.48 plus $7.95 is still cheaper than Amazon's $43.12 (with or without tax). Here's hoping I don't screw up my first batch!


Got my kit yesterday (talk about slow processing and shipping time!) Anyway, for 'scratch n dent' I was pretty impressed. The kit's box was kind of smushed in a tiny bit on one side, which I've seen worse on 'new' stuff just from being shipped or on a store shelf. If I saw it on a shelf in a store like that, I wouldn't think twice about considering 'good as new' and wouldn't even think of asking for a discount. Well done Mr. Beer!