dealsthundershirt for $29.95


Got one of these for my dog a few months ago because she was anxious and barking when we weren't home. She looks comical in it, but it really has helped quell her anxiety, so we no longer need to use it!


Hmm, I've been skeptical of these but my Kelpie gets too high strung when strangers are in the house (aka friends, or anyone who doesn't live there full time), to the point that I can't have friends come walk the 2 dogs since she gets defensive, anyone know how this works for variations of separation anxiety?


Best price I've seen, and I've been looking at these for a good year now... I can't wait to be able to sleep through a stormy night without him pacing.


I got one for my big dog who hates thunder and fireworks. It worked for the first 2 or 3 times there were fireworks, but after that it stopped.

It has never worked for thunderstorms. Although, she is so bad that even the sedatives we give her don't work during bad storms.

The only thing it really does is restrict her movement when she is running around going crazy and barking (and gives us something to grab onto to catch her).