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FYI you can use that same coupon code on their other monitors and get a 21.5" for $100 and 23" for $115.


Nice, 3rd post in a week about this sale.


If you're a student, you can apply for the HP's Academic Purchase Program. The coupon code ACCS73419 stacks on top of the academic discount of about 6% for monitors. This brings the total down to $67.83 w/ free ship.


Glad it was reposted, I would have missed out if not for this one ;) Thanks!


Just bought one, great deal!
4.5 stars on Amazon


@wheretheworldmeets: Wow why did I not think of that!
Do you think HP will honor this after the fact? I bought it yesterday. Hmm


Nice notice on the academy option. Don't know where I'll use it, but I'm sure a project will show up.


Get additional 3% cash back from Mr. Rebates. If you're not a member, it's free to join.

You get 3% cash back on the total price after the transaction is successful.


Are HP monitors good? I have a 20" Dell that I love, but I want to up the screen size.


@willyj73: I got an HP monitor with a new computer back in 2006. The monitor's still going strong, even in the tough environments I've put it through. It's a 1680x1050 LCD, ~19" and pretty darn rugged.

(I don't have it at the moment, but I'm 99% sure it'll survive where it's currently stationed, too)


How do i apply for HP's academic purchase program?


Found a spec page that is more complete:

This was of the most interest (as it's what I was looking for):
Display type: TN,
and 170/160 degree viewing angles


@willyj73: Yes, I can't comment on this specific one, but I've been using an HP monitor for the past 4 years and love it.


Thanks for the stacking heads up! I was able to use this code with my EPP discount for $103.76 on the 23" version.


@willyj73: I have two of the HP 2311x (same series as the deal in the OP, sounds like it's also on sale for $115), and I love them. They are 1920x1080 resolution, and 23", so they're a great size. My two have a single dead (stuck white) pixel each, but I only noticed when I looked for it when I got it. I haven't noticed since, 1 pixel in over 2,000,000 on each monitor isn't noticable.

This is a pretty good price, haven't seen them this low since staples had a crazy sale 7 months ago. If you need one, these will do you right.

edit: ugh, this new font looks terrible.


I wouldn't have seen this if it wasn't posted again, so thanks! I just got my husband a 23" LED monitor for Father's Day and only paid $113 with tax and free shipping!! SWEET!!


Bought! Been looking for a good deal on a decent monitor for a long time, so thank you mucho, tbgolladay!


i really want the 27" LED but it comes to $254.+ with tax after discounts, so if anyone can please tell me how to get the student discount will be much appreciated.


@versii: Try to get on HP chat or call HP (they're usually 24/7 ... though calling during the day increases your chances of talking to a rep in the US/Canada) and try to ask for a price adjustment and let them know that you are a student. If that doesn't fly, cancel and try to order again.

I mean, there's nothing to lose and a chance to get back ~$8.


Sorry, kind of a newbie to monitors, but does 1600x900 resolution translate to 720p or can it plays 1080p also? Thanks in advance!


For the HP Academy discount, I just googled HP Academic Purchase Progam which took me to the site where I filled out the very quick application. At first, it looked to be college students only but turns out the program is very inclusive - any student K-12 or university OR parent of said student - can apply. Once you've done the application then you can order the woot monitor from there and use the woot coupon code. I got my monitor for $71.09 total.

But I totally forgot to complete the Mr. Rebates application first. Anyone know if I can do so retroactively?

So, go do Mr. Rebates first and then go to the HP Academy site!


I work for a HP reseller and this is a great deal. Our normal cost on these monitors is about $140/each so to be able to get two for that price is definitely good bargain.

I wish I needed a monitor or two because I would jump on this deal.


Hey guys, I actually used to work in the HP Home & Home Office inbound sales call center. Back when I used to work there (mid-2008) there was kind of an... iffy way to go about getting the APP or EPP discount when you weren't actually eligible. Would it be frowned upon if I told you how to get the discount?


Well I gave in and finally purchased my first flat screen pc monitor (laptop don't counts)!
Here's my total price

Order subtotal

Shipping & Handling
(Standard 5-7 Business Days)




The California "Recyling" fee really killed it for me. Can't believe it's that bloody expensive! At least part of the Black Friday's shopping is done, just need to grab an external hard drive + a cheapass eReader this coming Black Friday and I'm done for the year. Still, an amazing price I couldn't let go!


DISCLAIMER: This information should be taken with a grain of salt. I will recite what I know, but bear in mind this information is a few years old so things MAY have changed. You'll have to find out for yourself.

There are three types of discounts with HP: EPP, APP, and HP EPP. We're going to do EPP since that will be easiest. Be sure to call, don't do it online. If you fail the first time, call back and try again.

There is really no personal verification process when you mention the discount. All you have to do is say what company you work for. Choose a big name company like 3M, Coca-Cola, etc. They'll ask for a code which you'd supposedly get from HR. If you can bluff your way around needing that code, props.

I'll refrain from explicitly giving out any codes, but Google is your friend ;)

Did I mention that once you have EPP on your account, you have that discount for life?



Just got the 2711 for $237. Seems like a bargain using the code plus the Academic discount. Also, because I am a bit paranoid, I got the 3 years HP warranty. Total cost is $278.77 shipped and you get next business day exchange if you have an issue (i.e. dead pixels, ...). Also, I paid with my Discover card so I'm hopping to get 5% cash back. We'll see. I was debating between this one and the Viewsonic at Costco ($249) but reviews on the HP were pretty good comparing to the other ones on the HP. Too bad it doesn't do 1920x1200 though.... oh well, I guess I'll be an happy camper.

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