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I've owned a couple of insignia products in the past ( HDTV, DVD Player, Digital Converter Box), and they all failed after a year or so. Anyone has any experience with their Blu-ray player?


@rrussell: I bought one of these 3 months ago. When I received it, it would NOT turn on... D O A. I had to pay for the return thinking that I would receive a new machine. Didn't happen. Best Buy refunded my purchase price and I got SCREWED for the $16.00 return fee plus all the BS it took.


i own two insignia BR players. bought one 2 1/2 yrs ago, and bought the 2nd 5 mos later.
i use them for both blu ray and netflix (more streaming than blu ray), and have NEVER had an issue with either of them. for this price, as long as you can return it if it's DOA (perhaps return it to a physical store, and forego the return shipping, plus pay with PayPal for the protection), it's a steal.
i still use both of my players regularly, and imagine i will for awhile.
at times, though, i wish i'd gotten the WiFi player vs. the wired one.


Rule #1 when buying anything is avoid Best Buy unless you have no other option.

Save up your lunch money for a few weeks and buy a new blu ray player from somewhere else besides Best Buy.


I've purchased two - neither one works via RCA connectors for either DVD or NETFLIX. Sucks because they were purchased for that expressed purpose in the kids rooms. Replaced one of them with the Sony BX18 from Quickshipwarehouse (search wootdeals, think it was $42.99 w/free shipping) or buy directly:

If you want to use it wirelessly just look for a Wireless Access Point, Bridge or Gaming Adapter. In addition a lot of the wireless routers can serve as an access point. I'm using the Edimax routers from Meritline in WISP mode, they run $24.99 w/free ship when on sale (at least once a month).


We have had this exact unit for at least a couple of years now (we didn't buy it refurbished though) and it has been great.

My only issue is there are newer models that have more connectivity, but if that doesn't matter to you, I say go for it.

Oh, and it works fine with Netflix from the Component and HDMI outputs, I do not know about the RCA outputs.