deals2 pack behind-the-head ear warmers - free + $3.99…


i never knew that rapper 2 pack was still alive?


You can also add a free flask and the option of a mystery item for 98 cents


2 pack ear warmers (use code ears2)
1 Flask
1 Flask funnel(comes up as special offer available after you add flask)


Could pay that much for the funnel alone.


I do not see the free flask as an option.

I see:

- The Pocket Lamp - The Light that Fits in Your Wallet $1.99

- SHIPS FREE - 2 Pack Trapper Hats - Keep Your Head & Ears Comfy & Warm! $7.99


@isuftin: Flask may have sold out, or was more likely not meant to be up at the same time as the ear warmers, as both were free shipping promo items. Could just be not popping up though. The flask was in the normal items pile below whatever item you're looking at. Once you added the flask the funnel became available in the area you saw the lamp and trapper hats. Maybe check back a time or two. It does seem to randomly cycle some of the offers at the lower bit of the page. Good luck.

TL;DR: Flask is probably dead.