dealsmore corners brownie pan for $12.99


Now I know I have an accounting degree and can do some crazy calculations but I would hope more people would realize that 12 corners is not twice as many as 4...


@minion1021: Stop confusing us with the facts! :-)

Corners are full of win!


Why would you want more crusty corners? The gooey middle pieces are the best!


And now I shall invent the brownie pan with 12 individual pieces in it so there are so many corners it will blow your mind!!!! An no, it will not just simply be just like a muffin pan, but square.


Meh. What they really need is a pan that makes brownies that don't have any crusty outsides... but, like dividing by zero that would take Chuck Norris- and I for one am not going to tell him to make me some brownies.


read says twice an many "CHEWY" corners

no promise on which exact ones being chewy ones, lol.


or save youself the money and use a muffin pan--individual brownies, each with its own crusty edge(s).


I think they meant to say "twice as many chewy corner pieces". In the standard 9x13 pan, you might have a 3x4 matrix, with 4 out of 12 pieces at corners. In this pan, you have a 1 3 5 3 1 pattern, with 8 out of 13 pieces at corners.


Accounting degree?? You should probably go back to school!! HAHA!!! There are only 8 edge pieces! Just like advertised.