dealsburger king® ice cream cone or cup for $0.50


Ummmm....does somebody want to fix the title? Or was that deliberate?


BK food quality needs to go back up. But their icecream is not bad for the price.


The BKs in Lexington, KY have been $.50 for quite some time. It's a normal Sunday (no pun intended) treat for my 3 year old if he eats all his dinner. Tastes as good as McDonald's ice cream cone, and nearly half the price. I haven't, however, had them include a silver wedding ring before. Maybe that's only in the Las Vegas Burger King locations.


@kingjames1979: Am I missing something?

What wedding ring and whats wrong with the title?


@firesoul453: The title: check the spelling on the name of the restaurant.

The ring: I dunno. Haven't a clue. @kingjames1979 ???


So now everything anyone sees and likes is a deal?

This is no deal. Something that lasts for months is a not a deal. A deal is a short time pricing for a product..then posting here to let people know about it.

I guess I'll post a "deal" that say McDonalds has value meals combos that save you a few cents when you order them, versus ordering with 3 separate transactions.. oh well...


@kingjames1979: If you're in Lexington, Fazolis is much tastier than Booger King. It's worth the extra price. This is still a good deal, but I still don't trust Burger King.


I'm a BK employee and our cones are usually $1. This promotion will just encourage "coning" I'm afraid. What's coning? Why just the coolest internet fad of 2011! Sure! Go ahead and take my bored-faced picture for the whole world to see as you make a giant mess in your car! I don't mind.


Keep the missing "r" and add another "g." Then it might warrant a "sexy" tag. Or not. (I know, I have a warped sense of humor.)


@ricka182: You need to get out more.... go have some ice cream...obviously not at Buger King in your case :-)


@ricka182: Go ahead and post it. If it's truly a deal then people will upvote it. If not, then they won't. Or at least that is how it should work. Might be an interesting experiment. At any rate, a "deal" here is really whatever people want to consider a deal.


@firesoul453: It figures....when I was looking at this deal, the image was of 4 or 5 silver wedding rings. Now, of course, it has the BK image. Sorry for trying (and failing) to be funny.


@kev50027: Does Fazolis have ice cream now? I remember my high school days (in the 90s) when they had their $1 chocolate cheesecake.... It was sooooo good.