dealsbuy $15 of dove men+care products, get $20 off…


thank you Dove, for doing your part to get stinky gamers away from their screens and into the GD shower


Are the games on the page the only ones you can pick from or can you choose any EA game on Amazon?


@ronguiness: As far as I am aware, the deal was on "select" EA video games, so I would think only the ones listed are included. But there's no harm in adding a different one and seeing if it is applied at checkout.


EA Games, you say?

Should I be concerned that I'll be repeatedly booted off the server when I try to order, or that the postal service may simply deliver my order to the nearest empty house?


@crab: that or, you know, have you pay $60 for an unplayable game like SimCity.


@bmw66x: SimCity is now working flawlessly. I do admit it was very annoying to buy a game and not be able to play it for 3 days... and I would also like to say screw EA (luckly their CEO of 6 years recently stepped down).

... but it might be worth also keeping in mind that if you get Sim City you then get your choice of another free game.

The games you can choose from are not terrible either (Dead Space 3, Mass Effect 3, Battlefield 3, The new NFS... and some others).

Long story short for $40 (plus $15 in useful men care products) you can get 2 brand new games (like SimCity and DeadSpace 3). Which is still a deal.

Here is a snippet from an email I was sent:
"As a small token of our appreciation, we are offering you a free EA PC game download on Origin*. Mayors who have authenticated their copy of SimCity on Origin by March 25... "


Or, if you don't want to buy $15 in personal care products, you can just buy SimCity for $40 on sale at Target or Best Buy next week, and still have time to register on Origin for the free game if you pick it up on Sunday or Monday.


I tried adding Crysis 3 to my cart with the required Dove purchase and no discount was applied. I added Sim City and the discount showed up. So I guess this only applies to the few games (Dead Space, Sim City and NFS) that appear on the offer page.