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Picked one of these up locally to try pressing my coffee on the go and at my desk. Wasn't impressed. Lotta' grounds making it through (passing the rubber gasket) even if you press it EXTREMELY slow. Also, hugely dissapointing, the inner liner broke free of the outer wall. The seem at the top of the plastic seemed pretty brittle.

Save your money on this one.


I ended up getting one of these for free during Black Friday weekend. Starbucks had a deal where if you bought 3 pounds of coffee, they would send you a free $20 Bodum French press. I think the deal went so well they actually ran out of the press they were giving away, so I got a free $30 package that included a full size press along with this travel press.

I have to agree with hunter306 on this one. The grounds make it through the rubber gasket. It is just not a tight seal for the top 1/3 or so of the cup. I can only make an 8oz coffee with this device as the rubber gasket forms a tighter seal the further down the mug you go. I would only recommend if you plan on making 8 ounces at a time. The full size press I got from Bodum on the other hand works awesome.