dealsthe complete matrix trilogy blu ray for $36.99


I was burned by the deepdiscount deal but I still want the Ultimate Matrix Bluray collection for all the extra content. Good price on the trilogy but I'll pass.


Crap looks even more like crap in 1080P!


A region free, NTSC import from UK?? Has anyone heard of any legitimate blu-ray discs like this before (heck, even on DVD), or does this sound "suspicious" (read: "bootleg")?


I thought they only made one. :P


Saw this when WBShop failed to ship the one I ordered back on November 18th (they still haven't shipped it either), but held off from buying it here for not knowing if it is legit or the same thing as the Ultimate Matrix Collection on Blu-ray (including the discs with the bonus content).


Having looked at this more closely, I don't think this includes the all the bonus material that the Ultimate Matrix collection includes. Still not a bad deal if you don't care about all the extraneous stuff.


@nemo2005: "Still not a bad deal if you don't care about all the extraneous stuff."

The second and third movies?


I got this particular set used off of eBay (not realizing it was from the UK till I got it) and it plays just fine on my Samsung Blu-Ray player, but it does not come with any bonus discs, just the movies, though their may be bonus content on the discs themselves, not sure. Also, the case for each disc is a lot thicker and robust than the typical blu-ray case we see here in the states, it's basically a standard DVD case that's shorter and blue. It's a nice alternative to the Ultimate set if you want it a bit cheaper, or don't care about the bonus stuff.


Strange - I hit submit and it went to a page that said "not in here." WTF does that mean?

I got the confirmation in my email so it may go through still. Guess I will wait a week before filing any issues.


Might have to pick this up.

The first movie was great. The second movie was passable; it had interesting new characters and plot devices, but its value depended on how the threads were tied up in the third movie. Unfortunately the third movie was so awful I almost felt insulted by the Wachowski brothers.

Okay, nevermind, I talked myself out of it.


I have this set. It's the Euro collection.
It's region free and is only the 3 movies, where as the Ultimate Collection has the movies with The Animatrix and tons of bonus material.

A solid deal, this is about what I paid for mine.


Just bought this set on 1/18, got it Today 1/20! The Free shipping was FAST!!! Never tried Compuplus before, seems to be a good company. MUCH better then the SCAM ARTISTS at DEEPDISCOUNT. (Never again DD!!!)
Yes, this is the Euro version, SHOULD be region free...looks to be just 3 discs each with its own bonus materials. Not a bad deal.
FYI: No extra bonus disc of extras, No Animatrix. For a decent price you can have just the 3 movies on Blu-ray. Will pop it in my Sony player tonight and update on the Region Free...