dealsnow here's a steal of a deal! timex calculator…


Did Newegg use a time machine to bring these back from 1980?


The scary thing is I had one of these because I was such a nerd. But to up the ante, when that one died I bought the one that the universal remote feature with IR transmitter. I thought I was cool. Now I just have a droid and have problems getting to the calculator because of all the other crap I have on it.

I almost want to buy one to relive my middle school days, but then again middle school was not kind to me or my amazing calculator watch. I wonder how many of these they will actually sell today. I hope it gets voted up to bring to the main page of top deals.


Gender Women

Uh huh, sure, watch man.


If you really need a calculator watch, I found a Casio on Amazon for $15.32.


@anorion: Well, the one with a pink case is certainly a "woman's" watch, right guys?


Hey! I wear a calculator watch....Casio though and mine has Atomic Time so I never have to set it. While my Casio is a little more sleek looking I'm starting to have a hard time reading the black on grey buttons:( White on grey(the Timex) looks easier to see than mine.....
For reference the same watch is almost double at Amazon(also free shipping and they say the retail is $79.95) so for anybody inclined this is a good deal. Note I couldn't find any calculator watches at so I wonder how old these babies are??
No reviews anywhere on this bad boy, it sure is geeky though. I wonder what battery this uses? I'm getting to where I only want to buy the 10 year battery watches which use a lithium battery. Otherwise your changing batteries yearly or every other year which can be a pain!