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More cyberpenguin! More with the pirate stuff!!!


@drspiffness: Avast! There be lot's o' games o' the high seas, but there be few that look better n' a bilge rat an' be more fun than scrapin' urchins off tha' hull.

If yer be seein' a "cyberpenguin says" over the horizon yer can be sure the game be a beauty.

If it be games ye be wantin' ye best be lookin' at these:

Merchants & Marauders:



I got this game this summer and have played in a couple of times. It's fun, has a lot of neat pieces and has some cool play aspects. I like that everyone plays mostly concurrently. There aren't really turns and there are no long bits when you're just trolling around trying to get your marker to a certain point.
It is one of those games that once you get behind it can be pretty hard to catch up with other players, so it can be frustrating to people who are overly competitive. But it's no more so than a lot of other games.


I had a text-based game on my TI99/4a called Pirate's Cove that I used to play for hours. I was hoping this was it.


Avast! One item I be missing to state:

Tis been harder to find dis game than a pirate without a grog in Tortuga.

Today be the christenin' of the new printin' by Days o' Wonder.