dealsrubbermaid® 48qt victory cooler w/$10 rebate for…


@druke: It is available again!!! Great Deal!


@druke: Yeah, I think it was mis-priced.

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@scottagnew101: You pay $20 in store, and then the rebate is $10. I just picked one up on my lunch hour.

eta: Also, the checkout person gave me the rebate form. Not sure if all stores do that, or if you should expect to have to print one out from the Ace website.


Take note that this deal is only available through July 4th.


I think it may be expired.. the link returns an empty search and doing another search, the 48qt is no longer listed.


@uberchurl: I hate that guy almost as much as I hate "Guy who keeps forgetting where he left his beer so he just gets another one". "GWKFWHLHBSOHGAO", results in your finding 3-4 full warms beers in random areas of your home during clean up the next day.

You don't just treat beer like that man, they never got the chance to be turned into pee (wipes away tear)


was gonna jump on 1 or 2 of these, but the closest Ace that accepts site-to-store shipping is way too far to drive. And the shipping was almost $20. Bummer. Great post though!


Great an extra for the guy who always sits on your cooler.