deals12' 10 gauge booster cable for $6.99


10 gauge wire is rated at 30 amps. The typical starter motor draws a few hundred amps, especially when cold cranking. You figure it out.


Yes, 10 gauge wire is rated for 30 amps continuous. Most jumper cables are around 8 gauge, the nice ones are usually 6 gauge, and the really nice ones are 2-4 gauge. Tow truck drivers may have 0 gauge (or even 00) if they've got a big wrecker and get to jump dead 18-wheelers.

However, for an emergency jump start, these will work. They'll probably get hot if you try cold cranking the car while it's hooked up to the jumper battery without letting it charge first.

These would be best suited if you let the dead battery charge for like 10-15 minutes first with the running car at 2,500rpms to charge up the battery, and then attempted to start the car.

Having these is better than having no cables at all, but a nicer set (8 gauge) is only a little more money, and if you're buying these for someone else, spend the extra bucks and get something a little higher rated. Sears has a 6 gauge set (that's also 16ft instead of 12ft) for $19.95 currently.