dealsfight club (10th anniversary edition) blu-ray for…


One of the best movies, EVER!


@portezbie: Not yet! If you click 'view gold box offer' on the right, you'll see the price is still $11.99 for a few more hours.


I like the extras on this edition, especially the opening menu, a good wtf moment. Great movie,great deal


Dead, all discounts claimed. The best you can do now is join the "Waitlist".


You guys are breaking the first rule of Fight Club by talking about this deal


No big deal. All blu's come down to $10 or less at some point.
Dig it.
On's fight club page, place your cursor over the little green price history graphic to the right of the "List Price", and you'll see it had already been $9.99 before, that was actually when I bought my copy. I live on that site and sometimes feel like a damn stock expert analyzing the price drops of my favorite movies until they hit my magic number. I feel like a sucker anytime I pay over $10 on a bluray.