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Hello everyone. We're offering several solid options for your students out there. Each computer comes with a new, fully licensed version of Windows 7 and a basic Office Suite. Everything is ready to go right out of the box. These are durable machines and we stand behind them by providing a full 1 year warranty with free tech support. If you have any questions, shoot us an email at, call at 1-855-blairtg, or post a comment right here. Thanks!!


the specs bring me back to the good ol'e days when processors where named by number not by girls names..


@alfredenigma: I know man, things were easier back then. Reminds me of the time when I dated twins in college named i5 and i7.


@mctrollpants: I think he was talking about ones like 80386 and 80486 and predecessors

k87 k87

This is garbage. Nothing good or cheap !!!!


Single processor Pentium 4's? I pity the fool who doesn't know his specs and buys this dinosaur. Seriously, I think they should have some type of disclaimer how out of date these things are. I'm particularly bothered how misleading the ad title is: "Awesome Dell Optiplex Desktop PC Computer with 2GB Ram Windows 7 & FREE SHIPPING"

Awesome? Really?


@mctrollpants: Actually its the comp media's habit of using Sandy and ivy instead of i 5 and 7.....


I refurb and sell these on craigslist all the time. Small businesses and kids doing homework don't need more than XP and a P4 unless they are doing like 3d CAD or video editing (actaully a 3+Ghz P4 can do CAD just fine). I can't see the prices since ebay is blocked at work but I can usually pick them up for free and then resale for $80-100. Just because it doesn't run COD6 doesn't mean it's useless.


@johnt007871: Agreed, it can do some basic things. I just feel bad for the guy who buys this believing the title of "Awesome", since we all know that it is far from an awesome computer by today's standards. Obviously the buyer could not even think about touching any modern games with this thing. It should be listed as an old outdated workhorse that is capable of many basic things. I just hate when I see people being set up for disappointment, which they certainly will be if they think they just invested in an "awesome" computer.