deals""weird al" yankovic - lp/cd/dvd/signed poster…


This. Is. Incredible.
Super nice collection for $35!


I'll be the first to say it (not being a die hard fan), but laugh or mock all you want, this man is a genius.


Met him at a video store opening....yes, that was a new thing at one time.
Have a Polaroid photo of Al with my family. My almost 2 year old daughter was very suspicious of him!
He was very nice. I'm sure that if his manager wasn't with him, he would have come home with us for coffee! He had been on a late night TV show with a guy I worked with (guy I worked with never made it. I google him and get nothing). Not only did he remember, he asked about him.

I'm so glad that all these years later, he is still going strong!


All that, AND a signed 18x24" lithograph? Heck yes, I'm in!


This may be a dumb question, but who signed the lithograph?


I have wanted this set for awhile. This price makes it too hard to pass up!


I purchased it last night. It might be a late b-day gift, but I know my hubby will like it. We've seen Weird Al 4 times in various concert venues (And add +2 for my hubby), so I know this will be a welcome gift.