dealsmountain house freeze-dried pork chops for $35.99


How many chops would a pork chop chop if a pork chop could chop pork?

Apparently 14?


Serving size is 2, so each can actually has about 28 chops.


They must be pretty thin before you rehydrate them. This could be good for keeping one in your wallet for an emergency snack.

Have you tried these? I've been tempted, off and on, to try one of these #10 cans from Mt. House. I keep thinking I might go on a 6 month road trip with a lot of camping. So, really, if you've eaten these, how are they?


@marcoselmalo: These are uncooked so snacking on them might not be such a good idea.

The site is owned by Emergency Essentials, a Salt Lake City based emergency preparedness store. This particular offer does not specify a shelf-life. Also, this is very unusual. Most of their products require a 6-can purchase to get the advertised price, and they don't mix-and-match.