dealsapple iphone applecare protection plan for $49.95…


Warning: I believe that this is the OLD AppleCare program, NOT the AppleCare+ which includes the accidental warranty. Looking at reviews from a seller from Amazon, it looks like many people were not able to register it with Apple:

Save your money and spend $99 on the Applecare+ directly from Apple


Whilst these AppleCare products are not the newer $99 version of AppleCare+ , these are still the full 2 year AppleCare program as offered by Apple.
The AppleCare+ program replaced the AppleCare program at twice the cost. We still have these AppleCare products in our inventory, and they have full, working serial codes in the box.
If you call Apple they will confirm that they will still use the original AppleCare to cover your iPhone.