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Excuse my ignorance (and it really is that), but why do people wear headphones while out as opposed to more portable and less obtrusive ear buds? I'm out walking or commuting with my playlist and ear buds all the time and occasionally see someone with headphones. Is it mainly for style? (Like sporting fancy sunglasses or a purse or a watch, etc.) Or do they sound better? Or both? For someone used to wrapping up my ear buds and sticking them in my pocket, these seem like a big hassle.


Some benefits of headphones to ear buds are that they stay on better, generally have better sound quality due to larger drivers, take less time to take off and put on, and with bluetooth you don't have to worry about a cord getting in the way. Granted there are bluetooth eard buds, but they're not on par with headphones, and especially lack in bass. In terms of portability, you can wear headphones around your neck when not using them, or many models collapse or fold to fit in your pocket or purse. One of the best arguments for ear buds are that they often offer superior noise isolation; blocking out the noise of your surroundings. As you mentioned they are also very portable. One of my biggest problems with buds is not wanting to put them back in my ears after they get dirty, and having to clean them frequently. Because I use mainly bluetooth where I work, I also don't have to worry about the cable yanking them off my head, or getting tangled.


@thewronggrape: I find headphones more comfortable. My son can't stand to have earbuds in his ears, although his sister prefers them. Personal taste, I guess.


Fashion headphones, for those who don't look like a big enough tool just wearing normal headphones.


Not something I would ever buy (I feel weird enough about my Rainbow Dash head phones, I don't use them often I'm not much of a head phones person) but I like how the cord on the purple one looks like paint dripping. though I doubt it looks like that when it's worn


One of each color for me, will make a cute gift for teen and tween nieces and nephews at Christmas....provided I remember I bought them and where I put them. ;-)