dealsfind the k'nex super cyclone coaster building set…


Welsh I saw this yesterday. Back up to $30.


Check out the comments. People are complaining these smaller K'nex parts are not compatible with existing sets.


If the pieces were normal sized, this thing would be 12" tall. My son has this and loves it. And there are adapters so that you can hook them to the old fashioned pieces.


Oh how I loved K'NEX as a child....until you lost two pieces from the entire set and had to prop up the final product with legos or lincoln logs. lol


This deal appears to be dead...? Showing at $30 now...


Was this ever a deal. I never saw it at 19 bucks EVER! I always saw this at 30 bucks.


I saw it on sunday at $20!! I can vouch!


@marcusx70 and @scubalab: I hate it when the changes to DW make posts show up on the front page TWO DAYS after they are posted! Urgh! I actually posted this deal on Sunday when the price WAS $19.97. Seems unfair that it gets downvotes because it has expired before people see it. Dang. It was a good deal. Hopefully it will come back.

Expiring it now.