dealscorsair 240 gb force series 3 solid state drive…


It's a good deal, but I would wait for either Corsair GT series or Sandisk Extreme series which have the synchronous memory rather than the slower asynchronous in the Force 3 series. Both of the other two are comparable in price and can be found around the same price mark as this if you wait. Just the other day the Extreme 240gb was $154 at NewEgg.


Synchronous or asynchronous, if you're coming from a spinning disk does it really matter? It's like complaining that the Yugo with the space shuttle booster rockets isn't worth it and you should continue driving your regular Yugo until you can score one with an Atlas 5 rocket attached to it.


@paulcarlucci: But if they are gonna cost roughly the same in a few weeks, why not take the better option, just to prolong the useful life of the thing?


@paulcarlucci: that's like saying that you can get an Intel Duo or an I7 at the same price. But go ahead and get the Duo because you are coming from a 486 anyways. Yes, either way is an improvement, but go ahead and get the better.