dealsblue and white gingham dress for $11.99 + freeā€¦


This gingham dress is sexy? Cute? Yes. Sexy? Nope. The model is also cute and might be considered sexy. But, it's the dress that's erroneously tagged.

Sexy as a tag for this dress is really reaching. Too bad. Tags such as this are so wrong. Wouldn't surprise me if a DVD deal w/Sean Connery was tagged sexy. Absurd!!

OhCheri » Sexy Clothes » Sexy Dresses » Blue Gingham Dress


@gmwhit: That would happen if the mod on duty has a grudge against Sean Connery :-)


Please note: The following was added to my 1st post by a mod. NOT by me. What the...??? Apparently, you're trying to justify the sexy tag. Your logic is flawed IMO.

"OhCheri » Sexy Clothes » Sexy Dresses » Blue Gingham Dress"


@gmwhit: Again, a heavy handed mod with a personal vendetta. I can name names but she already knows who she is. This mod has no problem changing prices, un-RIP'ing expired deals, etc.

Clearly she doesn't feel comfortable exposing herself by adding a comment so she edits yours anonymously.


The tags #dress and #fashion were the original tags offered when the deal was posted. The ONLY reason Miss Mod added the #sexy tag was to keep this off the front page. There is NOTHING on this landing page that would offend anyone.


@ohcheri: Personally, I believe she overstepped her bounds by editing MY post. WTD? (Yes, I put the "D" there on purpose.) Have been a mod on a couple of sites...too bad that personal feelings are interfering w/the actual job. Sorry, @ohcheri, this is a hot mess. (Hot, in this case does NOT mean sexy!)


@gmwhit: I believe she has taken the position Formerly Known As Jumbowoot which is just sad. At least JW would attempt to be fair. This mod clearly has personal issues and downvotes all of the lingerie deals.

Just because she doesn't feel pretty and so she hates all who want to feel pretty doesn't mean this isn't a good deal.

Clear abuse of authority.


@ohcheri: Hmmmm FWIW, I read elsewhere that @prettywootprincess was answering questions that were, in the past, posed to jumbowoot. I do NOT know if she took 'his position.'

Seems we are in a rudderless boat, eh? Guess it's all a moot issue.