deals12000mah high capacity external backup battery…


Limit one discount per order. If you're looking to buy more than one, you can just split them into multiple orders.


Could not get the $25. price with the coupon, shows up as $30


Make sure you select FREE shipping, then you get the correct price. duh!


The coupon worked for me, too. I hope this works better than my Pyle 5500 does.


I can get 2 to 3 full charges to my Note 3 off of this when it is fully charged. My only complaint is that this thing emits a very high pitch noise while charging and discharging. If you are moving around in an airport or driving you shouldn't notice it, if you are in a quiet area you will go insane. The frequency is very very high, equal to or higher than the pitch people (students) use on cell phones so older people (teachers) can't hear them, so if you are hard of hearing or over a certain age where you've lost the ability to hear very high frequencies you are in the clear. Output of 1 or 2.1 amp, can only charge itself at 1 amp.


They're getting bigger as the price gets smaller. I have the 10000mAh unit and I'm nothin' but happy with it. It takes a long time to charge, but it also takes a long time to discharge.


@kristoff119: lots of 1 star review saying it wont hold a charge, so could be a piece of trash.


@lwang: Thank you! I have bookmarked the warranty support, in case I get a 4 month dud.