deals4-16x50 ir sniper scope by barska green ir mil…


OMG I love you guys, in for one.


They are selling the same product on Amazon for a few dollars less. $94.03 to be exact, unless I am missing some technical detail.


@plex49: Thanks for the link

To everyone, make sure you check the link and read the reviews, not very favorable.

/search for a new scope continues


Well crap. I cannot for the life of me even remember why I assumed Barska was a reputable brand, and therefore exempt from my looking up reviews before I purchased this... Guess I'll be keeping the receipt handy and learning how good their lifetime warranty is.


I think Barska has gotten better as of late, or maybe I got lucky. Regardless, this definitely would not be something I would put on my .308 or .223, but for my cheaper "can guns" it's a great value scope. IMHO


Well I was planning on putting it on my .270. I was not planning on putting alot of lead through it, just enough to bag a few deer. Perhaps it will keep together.

After hunting season, it will find a home on my .22