dealsmens rings starting at $4.99 with free shipping


I got another tungsten carbide ring as a repacement for my wedding band as I wanted to try a flat band instead of a domed band... I would love to have a flat titanium band but aparently they don't make them in 16.5 size... because big guys don't want indestructable rings...


@pkrzycki: 16.5?! You are putting the ring on your finger,... right? :)


Ordered from Tanga in the past and they took up to a month to get my order to me BUT the last two orders (October 2013) from them, I received in under two weeks....looks like they got their shipping act together,Bravo !


Tungsten carbide is the way to go. Both the tungsten and titanium are resistant to denting and bending, but the tungsten doesn't scratch like the titanium. I've owned both. The titanium band was scratched up within a couple weeks.


@bmaass24: I agree my wedding band s tungsten carbide and after 7 years it's still flawless.


Looks like all the 4.99 ones are gone, but still plenty from 5.99 and up.