dealsdaisy red ryder 70th anniversary edition bb gun…



*You'll shoot your eye out.


HAHA, it's a good thing we have this on our site:

This rifle is perfect for plinking, shooting paper targets and for training new shooters. The Red Ryder is intended for shooting targets UP TO 5 meters away...about 16.5 feet! Shooting glasses for the shooter and everyone else in the vicinity are necessary, as BBs can bounce back.


@adamcahill: Hadn't heard that in a long time. Maybe I'll just buy TWO because of it!


@mtm2: I'll get that order started! HA

have a super weekend guys!


350 ft/sec with a projectile that is smaller and denser than an airsoft BB, there's no way it only shoots 5m.


they sell these at walmart for $20.00


I actually played around with one not too long ago; my friend had one.
We went plinking in the backyard.

I'll go ahead and say that it has low power and crap accuracy. But it was still fun to screw around and shoot random things.


Unless you only want to hang this one on the wall, don't buy. I tried to a possum from three feet just to harass him knowing it was week. Didn't face the possum a bit. forget papare targets site's are useless the gun is totally inconsistent. I bought mine before the 70th edition "wow". I love woot but sorry, this one is bust. Harbor Freight sells for $17.00 +- If you really want one I'sll sell u miine for ten. No 70th anniversary but just the same. I'm sad to say, but Daisy done sold us out to China.


I still have my Red Ryder from when I was 10 years old..

best first gun EVAR =P


@sobergrad: Can I just be the first to say... dear lord. I hope for your sake that you were drunk (which would be ironic with the name) when you typed that. Either that or English is a second or third language. Not that I enjoy being a tool about grammar. But you left out entire words that were vital to the story. Like the verb in your second sentence. I'm not trying to offend you. Even though it may sound like it.

I still have the Daisy rifle I had as a kid. I might break it out again soon and kill some aluminum cans. It's probably over twenty years old now and I bet it will still shoot.


Good thing for shooting my brother in the butt with :p


Not very accurate on a windy day.


I am considering one of these, just to shoot the the liberal democrat zealots in the butt. Gun Control = the ability to hit your target!


What? No "compass in the stock" and this thing which tells time?


@sheltielover: LOL...That brings back memories, I shot my brother in the butt with one way back in 1975


Riocobra: Constructive criticism accepted, Merci.

I just got out of the hospital and have been cleaning the cobwebs of Baclofen, Thorazine, Ativan, and Ambien out of my mind. I had a two week stint of hiccups, ending in total checking.

I still must insist. My original red rider (1960), was a fun hobby rifle that could shoot through paper, teach site adjustment, harass the local animal life , which I now shudder to think of. The real problem with this gun is there is poor quality qualty control. I would fear any child would loose interest in less than an hour. I just would like to see people avoid spending good money for a child and only to disappoint them. I would recommend a Crossman Silver Streak or Blue Streak.

Thanks Again Riocobra


Well, Sobergrad, you almost made it.

Great follow up, but you missed one thing; it's "lose" not "loose."




ypu forgot .... " poor quality qualty control"