dealsserif webplus essentials for $4.99 + $2.99…


I sure wouldn't pay 50 buck for it. Not even sure it's worth 5.


Serif makes good software. I've used some of their products for years. But this discount price for WebPous Essentials is the same price that all other discounters offer.


So, if you don't buy this, are you sans serif?


@stilldking: Well, well, well. Look at our little comic sans.


I've been a SERIF user for years, also. Always very happy with the software and the customer service when I needed it. (Operator error. Sigh)


You don't have to sacrifice your firstborn for a custom-built website. Most of us will settle for a second or third child. Maybe a cousin if we're desperate or it's a small job.


@edgyswordbearer: Some of us may wish we could sacrifice other's kids or perhaps our own spouse.


@edgyswordbearer: Agreed. I've done small sites for people (usually close friends and family) for next to free because I knew they would be fantastic for referrals. As a web developer, I always cringe when I see sites designed from these types of programs. It's like going to ACE and picking out a bunch of cheap stuff for your home instead of hiring an interior designer. There is no accounting for bad taste and (lack of) a good eye for design. If you look unprofessional on the web, chances are clients are going to go somewhere else.