dealsnational geographic magazine subscription with…


I subscribed to NG one time, got a great deal. Then when the sub ran out, they were relentless trying to get me to renew. Worse that any other magazine I've ever bought.

Phone calls, phone calls, phone calls, junk mail out the butt. It was so obnoxious.

One day they tried to give me an offer for a free DVD. Free. Are you sure it's free? Yes. Really? Yes. Okay, whatever sure, send it.

With the free DVD came a bill... for the "free" DVD.


I subscribed for a yr @ $14.99, now they keep sending me crap, just trying to get me to sign up, no phone calls or anything though. The most recent thing they sent was for $19.99/yr, so this deal just saved me $5.00! THANKS


$14.99/yr is a great deal....NOT!

The Nat Geo Site has a 1yr subscription for..$15.

Yeah Tanga, you save me a penny...Whatta deal!


I have had a national geographic subscription for the past two years, for only 10 bucks a year, this really isn't that great of a deal.


They did the "Free DVD" thing to me too. When I called about the bill, the lady told me the offer was free, not the DVD. :/


I'm not a huge fan of Tanga (Still haven't gotten a magazine I ordered in May; have had to follow up twice.) so I'm really glad to see NG is available on other sites. Thanks!


Centricity - what is your Tanga user name so we can lookup your order and figure out what is going on?