dealspapa john’s pizza coupon specials


50pizza will get you 50% off a pizza. Used it on a large Supreme for only 8 bucks


@bigray57: Turns out the hoopla about him was completely wrong. Here is his response to that poopshow:


@bigray57: Sorry but what you've written isn't true and have been spun out of control. If anything is happening re the workers, i.e. hours being cut, it's at the franchise level and he doesn't have that level of control with them. Regarding his comment that Obamacare will add about $0.15 in costs, it wasn't a complaint but to demonstrate that there is a cost, a little one, and one that they can absorb.

And so what if he built himself a mansion? He grew his business from nothing and should be able to enjoy his success.


@bigray57: Do you have this post saved on your computer? Or on a macro or something? Because the second anybody posts a Papa John's deal, you always jump right in with this EXACT post. Same emphasized words and everything.


@disconat: Gee, how convincing: John Schnatter defending John Schnatter. Got anything else?


I live in NJ and none of these codes work, except the one in the comments, 50pizza for 50% off large pizza.


I promoted the deal because it lead me to a code that actually worked, thanks. Probably a regional thing.