dealsrayovac 4-pack aa and aaa alkaline batteries for…


Although this is a great price, I urge you to go rechargeable. The only batteries I bought in the past 18 months have been more rechargeable and I love never throwing them away.


Ha, good timing. AA batteries are on my shopping list, and they have ship to store which is close to my house. Thanks woot.


@justagigilo85: True, but I bought most of my rechargeables back when they didn't hold their charge for over a year. So I still buy them cheap for two reasons- to include them with gifts that require batteries and to put them in things where normal batteries last well over a year under normal usage.


@omnichad: I've definitely noticed this as well with mine: I have two different duracell rechargables and rayovacs sold here on woot, all NiMH. They all hold their charges less and less as time went on.

I have quite a few Eneeloops now and LOVE them.

Rather than recycle the crappy ones, I just keep them in the charger for those "oh sh!t, I need 2/4 AAs RIGHT NOW" and stash away some fully charged Eneeloops.


@justagigilo85: The trick is to buy the ones that come "precharged." The only reason they can sell them as precharged is that they don't lose their charge in a month. Of course Eneloops are a good choice, but even Duracell and Energizer have that now. I haven't replaced all of my other rechargeables yet, but getting there slowly.


Any Aldi will have AA or AAA alkaline batteries for $2 for an 8 pack. Also, on Black Friday Lowes will have 30 pack batteries for $4.97.


I buy Member's Mark batteries from Sam's Club. 48 packs for less than $14 all year long.
I have found that they are every bit as reliable as Rayovac.


@justagigilo85: One drawback of NiMH rechargables is that they have a very sharp dropoff in voltage at the end of their life. So rather than your flashlight getting gradually dimmer during your hike as it would with alkalines, it gets slightly dimmer for a while, and they suddenly stops working.

I had that happen a few times with my bike headlight when I pushed the NiMH batteries too far before recharging... fortunately I carried a few spare AA alkalines, just in case.

Also, the NiMH's output a lower voltage (1.2V) than alkalines (1.5V) so some devices don't work (or don't work as well) with NiMH's.


the batteries plus bulbs near me has them for $7 for a 24 pack