deals30+ $9.99 steelbook blu-ray titles including…


You keep using that word....


while I like the idea of steelbooks (longer lasting smooth cases) I usually end up disappointed by them, they usually have far less in the way of inserts, they don't seal as well (the one I have of the book of eli is pretty cheaply made) and overall they just are not as nice as they're advertised to be. I'd say you're better off with either the book style or a standrd blu-ray case.


Finding a good steelbook isn't like just picking up a regular blu-ray and going. There are defects such as paint chips, dings, dents, and scratches that can ruin their aesthetic. IMO, if you get a good steelbook it's better than an amaray case as it looks a lot cleaner and usually holds it's value and sometimes actually gains value depending on the artwork.

Either way, you're looking at $10 to get a blu-ray movie.

There are also Universal comic book styled steelbooks for $15 and it includes Blu-ray, DVD, and Ultra-violet.