dealsestes 2.4 ghz 4 channel r/c dart quadcopter rtf…


As of 1:05am EST 5/4 the link is dead.


still dead link. Moofi is dead - long live moofi!


I used to build Estes rockets when I was a kid. Good times. I wonder if they will make kits for this new generation of flying apparati.


But the real question is: How well will this thing support my Canon 5D for aerial filming?


If you want a larger indoor quad copter (with swappable batteries) I highly recommend the Syma X1. They are crazy fun and seemingly indestructible:


Great little quad but where's the deal?

You can find cheaper variations on amazon and find it even cheaper on a lot of web sites.

There are several variations of this little quad including several on amazon an it seems like they are all manufactured by the same company... so far.

just look up hubsan x4

bangood is the cheapest i've seen it.