dealsstar wars: the original trilogy (episodes iv - vi…


It was about $10 more yesterday... Good deal!


Does anyone know if these are the unaltered versions? The reviews are all mixed at Amazon.


@bennetsen: If by "unaltered" you mean no digital Jabba and Han shoots first, then the bad news is that no, these are not the unaltered, original cinematic releases. The worse news is that you're not going to find those in DVD. George Lucas--for all his preaching about film restoration--refuses to release those in digital format (beyond the last Laserdisk version that was released in the mid-90s).


@willie92: They do have the Theatrical Release on DVD, it is a laser disc transfer as bonus content on a DVD version. Not perfect, but better than my old VHS.


@willie92: I know Lucas (God i hate that man) has claimed he will never release the original originals (aka han shot first) but now that disney is buying them, i wonder if they will? there seems to be at least some demand for them. I'd love to have the original trilogy, but i refuse to buy the altered versions. If disney would release the original unaltered theatrical versions i'd buy them in a heartbeat.


if you look hard enough you can find "unspecialized" digital restorations out there...


The only unaltered digital version of the trilogy are the copies off the LaserDisc


In 2006 they released special edition DVDs that included the original theatrical versions on a second disc. There was also a limited edition set of all three that came in a tin. Not sure how rare it is now, but I did manage to get one when it came out.

And one more thing - it's not "the original Star Wars trilogy," it's THE Star Wars trilogy!


Thanks for the information regarding the "Unaltered." I will pin my hopes on Disney for now because they seem to value commerce, and like ndcouch said, there does appear to be demand. Fingers crossed!