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looks like it's only available on 16-ct packs:
"Buy 1, Get 1 Free on all 16ct Starbucks K-Cup Packs. (Must add 2 to cart to receive offer)"
Added plus: 15% off sitewide today applied at checkout

$4.95 shipping unless you are spending $75 or more.


@bbdickso1: Thanks for the additional info! I hope you enjoy the deal!


@bbdickso1: Should also note it appears to be identical items only, so you cant mix types


Just wanted to share the deal I just did with this.

I used to get $100 SB instant code for $75
Then I got 12 mixed boxes of 16 count SB Kcups (192 kcups) which gave me Free Shipping and paid with my SB card.

Sub Total: $179.40
Order Discount: -$13.46
Coupon discount: -$89.70
Shipping Costs: $4.95
Shipping discount: -$4.95
Tax: $0.00
Starbucks Card: -$76.24
Payment Total: $0.00

So total was $75 for 192 SB kcups @ .40/cup and $23.76 Extra on my SB card.
Or $76.24 - $23.76 = $52.48 for 192 kcups @ .27/cup if you want to look at it that way.

Pretty slick if you ask me (being a huge fan of SB ).


@deals4mykids: Your approximations made me cringe, mostly because the next time someone is likely to buy something at Starbucks they are going to say "well when I bought the gift card I only paid $75 for it so $25 was free....."

Its closer to $.30/cup (great deal) and a $23.76/card that only cost you $17.26 (great deal if you already go to Starbucks), or $.52/cup plus a couple of free drinks if you do not normally shop at Starbucks (still a good deal).

Sorry in my old age I am turning into a cheap math snob....


Weird. Chose the Sumatra, and with the discount and shipping, the total was $18.16. I checked out using PayPal and once logged in, the total dropped to $17.66. Not sure what changed, but odd, based on payment method.

Decent deal, especially on the overpriced coffee that this is. Thanks for posting.


Starbucks coffee is terrible, it's bitter and tastes like something the dog peed in. Of course that doesn't apply to those sissy coffees that have more cream and sugar to hide the taste.

But then again, most places only have Starbucks every two blocks so you have no choice.


Please don't buy any kind of K-Cups; the planet does not need more trash.

We love our coffeemaker and our Earth (and our pocketbooks) by purchasing the reusable mesh cups that we can fill with whatever kind of fancy coffee catches our eye. (And the coffee grounds make a great mulch that keeps ants away.)


Coupon code AFF10 gave an extra 10% off.


All 16 packs are not available for purchase besides Sumatra (Dark) and House DECAF, so if that floats your boat great but no good for the rest of us wanting other kinds.


forgot to mention above, if anyone seized other Coffee types become available in the 16 pack besides Sumatra and Decaf, please respond here. Thanks.


used AFF10 and got 10% more off in addition to the original offer.


how is this buy 1 get 1 if you have to buy 2


@momcobb: I wouldnt know what something the dog peed on tastes like so I bow to your vast experience


@cowbearga: you place two in your basket and apply the coupon code which is listed in the description.